The conference will take place at the Bizkaia Aretoa Building. Kindly supported by The University of the Basque Country, this modern building is in the business center of Bilbao (Abandoibarra Etorb., 3, 48009 Bilbo, Bizkaia), easily reachable by bus, tram, metro and train, and surrounded by hotels, hostels and students residences.

Bizkaia Aretoa

Located five minutes walking from the emblematic Fine Arts Museum of Bilbao and other well-known museums, the Bizkaia Aretoa counts with more than 9000 m2 of fully prepared installations for comfortably running IASIM-2024. The main core of the conference will take place in the MITXELENA auditorium, with a capacity of more than 400 people.

Coffee and lunch breaks, sponsor booths and posters sessions will take place at the CHILLIDA exposition gallery, a wide-open place with 200 m2 of extension. The Workshops will run in the ELHUYAR meeting room. With a capacity for 25 students, the ELHUYAR counts on all media and supporting material needed to run high-quality courses.

All rooms are situated in the Bizkaia Aretoa, so there is no need to move to other locations during the conference time.

How to get there

Bilbao is connected to the world through its international airport. Bilbao Airport is a day-type airport (closes from 00:00 to 05:00). But it has direct connections with the major airports in Europe (Madrid, Barcelona, Munich, Zurich, Frankfurt, Rome, etc.).

The airport is located behind the Artxanda Mountain. To get to the city, take a regular bus that departs every 30 minutes. It is around 4 euros, and the perfect occasion to buy the Barik card (3 euros that are reimbursable at your departure). You can also pay the ticket in the bus with credit card. However, if you feel tired and want to arrive directly at the hotel, a taxi ride takes around 25 minutes and costs 25-30 euros to the city center. One note, taxis are very safe! Don’t worry about being cheated. Taxis are strongly regulated. Things can happen, but it is very unlikely.

Barik card

Barik is the public transportation card of Bilbao and the Bizkaia region. All public transportation (bus, trains, metro, tram, elevators, cable cars) is integrated. Therefore it is a piece of good advice to buy one upon your arrival. It can be bought (and recharged) at the city metro stations, some train stations, and Tobacco places. There is one place to buy it in the Arrivals of the Bilbao Airport. It costs 3 euros and it can be recharged whenever needed. You can return it when you leave, and the 3 euros will be returned to you.


Cosmopolitan, lively, with a strong culinary tradition and wonderful landscapes, Bilbao is the capital city of the region of Bizkaia. Situated in the North of Spain, Bilbao is a medium-size city with around 400 000 inhabitants, surrounded by wonderful mountains.


At the beginning of the 20th century, Bilbao was mostly an industrial city. Full of grey and dirty buildings, not being a very touristic city. Suddenly, at the beginning of the 21st century, all of this changed drastically. It was the end of the heavy iron industry and the beginning of the technological era. Bilbao started a drastic transformation that now, 20-25 years later, is in a top momentum and makes Bilbao a perfect place to hang around for a while.


Several features of Bilbao can be highlighted that makes it, not only to a perfect place for hosting IASIM-2024, but also for spending several days off enjoying life:

Medium size: Bilbao counts with an incredible net of public transportation. Bus lines (day and night), three metro lines, train, elevators, cable cars, and tram! All of it is compiled in a single ticket card (Barik). There are also many bike lanes. Nevertheless, everything can be reached just by walking. From the old town to the Bikaia Aretoa there is a pleasant walk following the estuary of only 25 minutes! (yes, it is a river affected by the tides, so don't panic if you see the water coming and going, even though we are 12 Km from the sea). In this walk, you can appreciate the contrast between Bilbao in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

Old City (Kasko Viejo): “Zazpi Kaleak”. Seven streets that defines the spirit and the core of the old Bilbao. Walking on them, and landing in the New Old Main Square is a must-do visit. Filled with artwork artisans, bars, cafeterias, and restaurants, it is the perfect scenario for having a relaxing time.

Culinary offer: We love eating and drinking. But not just whatever thing. Due to its geographical situation, surrounded by small-size mountains, close to the sea, with an Atlantic Climate (well, it is changing now…), Basque Country counts with first quality raw products (meat, fish, vegetables, seafood) that open up the imagination of local chefs! From the classical “pintxos” to fine dining experiences (12 restaurants in Bizkaia region with a total of 14 Michelin Stars, not bad…) you must try the local food and drinks (specially, our cider and wine – Rioja Alavesa and Txakoli).

Very close to Bilbao: The sea line of Bizkaia is filled with wonderful cliffs, wide-open beaches ready for walking, swimming or surfing and small fishermen villages (Mundaka, Bermeo, Elantxobe, etc.). We also have one of Europe's largest Biosphere Marine Reserve (Urdaibai). However, if you are looking for a quick beach splash, Bilbao connects the nearby beaches with a comfortable metro line that leaves you on the beach in 30 minutes.


High quality drinking tap water: In Bilbao it rains. It is a fact. Everything is green and wonderful because it rains. Don’t worry, because July is not a rainy month. But the rain gives us excellent drinking tap water. Also, the city has many fountains where you can fill your metal bottles safely.

Safe: In 2021, Bilbao was declared the fifth safest city on the planet, according to a World's Best Cities 2021 study. Things have mostly stayed the same since then. Bilbao is a safe place to walk around at any time.

Happy: According to a study by the Institute for Quality of Life and the London Happy City Hub, Bilbao has been recently declared (September 2023) as the "happiest" city in Spain (and 69th in the world!).